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1. What is the term for the amount of whisky that is lost to evaporation during aging in oak barrels?

Angel's share is a term for the portion (share) of whisky (or wine) that is lost to evaporation during aging in oak barrels.

2. The burning of which substance leads to the smoky taste of some typical Scottish whisky?

Peat fires are used to dry malted barley for use in Scotch whisky distillation.

3. Which cereal is used primarily for the production of bourbon whisky?

Bourbon is made primarily from corn / maize and named for Bourbon County, Kentucky.

4. What does the term "single" actually mean (such as "single-malt whisky")?

A "single whisky" is a whisky that is distilled only in one distillery (as opposed to "blend").

5. Which American celebrity was owner of a distillery?

George Washington was owner of a distillery. He inaugurated a tax on whisky in 1794.

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